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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: 124893
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor: 6294
Supervised by: Dr. Chelsea Neumann A156415


Often the most difficult task is finding a therapist you can trust who understands your personal story. My hope is to help make this process as transparent and comfortable as possible.  Through self-exploration I will assist you in working through any difficulties or challenges you may face. If you are in a place in your life where you feel you might need someone to not just listen but to hear your story, I encourage you to reach out.  I look forward to knowing you and discussing how my philosophy and practice can help you achieve your goals.

I find the best way for me to help people reach their goals is to work collaboratively and to build a therapeutic relationship based on trust, honesty, and openness. An individualized therapeutic approach is imperative for helping explore my clients’ unique life experiences. We work together utilizing an eclectic interactive approach that encourages feedback and collaboration to shape treatment to meet a client's individual needs.  Together we formulate a plan to address achieving specific short-term goals aimed at improving daily life in addition to long term growth focusing on personal development.

Ali Wolfe-Grady, LMFT is a virtual therapist at West Coast Integrative Mental Health. She has immediate openings for individual (teen + adult), couples, and family therapy in California, USA: West LA, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, San Diego.   Ali offers a holistic integrative approach with a combination of CBT, psychodynamic, interpersonal, strength and attachment-based, humanistic, family systems, trauma-focused, and DBT interventions.  She specializes in Parent Effectiveness Training, parent coaching, and executive functioning coaching.    Ali specializes in working with individuals with neurodivergence (autism, ADHD).

The therapeutic modalities I offer include a holistic integrative approach with a combination of cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, interpersonal, strength and attachment-based, humanistic, family systems, trauma-focused, and dialectical behavioral interventions. I also specialize in Parent Effectiveness Training and parent coaching techniques.


I believe in providing a safe, nonjudgmental, inviting space for my clients to explore aspects of themselves and their lives that can be challenging to address alone. I offer a warm, direct, and empathetic environment that facilitates personal growth and provides support while clients make meaningful changes in their lives and move through their daily challenges.  I believe the most effective way to attain these goals together is by empowering and supporting clients with transparency and honest communication.


My professional practice offers psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. Together we can address any number of personal challenges including anxiety, depression, life transitions, low self-esteem, trauma, behavioral issues, parent coaching, and relationship problems.

I am currently taking new clients for individual, couples, and family therapy.  Please contact me by requesting a consultation below.


- Ali Wolfe-Grady, LMFT

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