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Working with Adolescents at West Coast Integrative Mental Health: Online Therapy

Updated: 5 days ago

By Alexis Fahey, LMFT | West Coast Integrative Adolescent, Young Adult & Family Therapist

Adolescents Online Therapy

adolescents online therapy - self-harm therapist near me: Alexis Fahey, LMFT West Coast Integrative Mental Health specializes in teens dealing with suicidality, self-harm, previous hospitalizations and treatment stays.
Integrative Therapy, Psychiatry & Nutrition throughout California, USA.

Hi, my name is Alexis Fahey, LMFT from West Coast Integrative Mental Health here to talk to you about how our clinicians work with adolescents using online therapy that are dealing with presenting problems such as suicidality, self-harming behaviors, previous hospitalizations, and previous treatments stays.

I know when kids are presenting with these types of problems it can be extremely overwhelming for parents, and also it is sometimes difficult to find clinicians that can adequately and appropriately handle and help treat these issues.

Here at West Coast Integrative, all of our clinicians have been in the treatment world working with teens and young adults in levels of care such as: residential, hospital, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization and also outpatient programs. We have a wide range and years of experience helping kids through these difficult issues.

We use evidence-based practices and a treatment team collaboration approach in an outpatient setting for adolescents in online therapy.

We work really well with kids who are exiting treatment and needing to come back home and reintegrate. We love working with the families and the kids; different clinicians within our practice can see different parts of the family so that you can feel really contained and supported as your child returns home.

We also work especially well with teens that in the past have been resistant to therapy as that is really a population that we are used to working with, and we love to make those connections and build long-term therapeutic relationships.

Integrative Therapy, Psychiatry & Nutrition throughout California, USA. adolescents online therapy

So, if you are a teen that is struggling with some of these issues, or if you're a parent of a teen and are worried that you have not been able to find a good fit for your teen, we may be the place for you. I encourage you to reach out to any one of our clinicians including myself to get to know us better and see if we could help support you and your family. Thanks so much!

To get in touch with a West Coast Integrative Provider, please complete this consultation form to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.


Alexis Fahey, LMFT offers adolescents online therapy. EMDR, anxiety, depression, OCD in California

Alexis Fahey, LMFT is an attachment-focused therapist who often works with teens and young adults around self-esteem/identity work, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, and PTSD. She has experience working with clients who are in eating disorder and substance use recovery. Alexis also specializes in healing the family system and reducing family conflict. Alexis is certified in EMDR, utilizes CBT interventions, and offers parent coaching.

She is currently accepting new clients for Telehealth adolescent, adult, and family therapy in California.

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